Body Glove 3T water shoe

GearFlogger reviews the Body Glove 3T shoesThe seasons they are a-changin' but hardcare minimalists still want their barefoot shoes. A barefoot shoe with attitude and a little bit of armored warmth. The Body Glove 3T shoes have you covered on all bases. We started off referring to these as water shoes, but the problem is they are so comfortable you'll soon be wearing them everywhere.

The 3T is neoprene with three toe pockets for your little piggies: big, next biggest and the three smallest. The sole is like a tire tread, and has excellent grab especially on slick hard surfaces. The thickness is just-so: big enough to cushion against rocks and other sharp edges, but thin enough to be barely there. Everything is secured by a rip-and-stick lace and an achilles snug cord with cordlock.

Body Glove knows their neoprene from their Shinola, and the 3T fits perfectly. It takes a tad longer than a normal shoe to get into, but the reward is a comfortable, tailored fit with no dead spots. The neoprene captures water and warms it like a wetsuit to provide if not weather resistance then weather tolerance. The shoe features little ports for drainage under the arch of the sole, and it will dry quickly just from body heat. Whoa, let's not get distracted by impure thoughts involving Kathleen Turner

In short, if you're looking for an all-weather barefoot shoe that can take rock and pavement as well as sand and surf, check out the 3T from Body Glove. Your dogs will thank you.

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