Black Diamond Oz quickdraw

Oz_quickdrawI’ve been to three goat-ropes, two cockfights and a state fair and I’ve never seen anything like Black Diamond’s new quickdraw. Based on their Oz carabiner, it weighs in at only 2.2oz. for the whole enchilada, two wiregates and a 12cm. Dynex dogbone.

If you’re going to be taking fall after factor two fall on a run-out sport route you might want something beefier, with a bent gate for those desperate clips, but alpinists will be throwing these things around like primates with poo.

Oh, wait: there’s some valuable advice in the instruction manual, which BD seems to believe should be written in the smallest font possible while covering at least twenty products and twelve languages. The sage words are these: "Carabiners are not indestructible." What? Get out! And: "Do not use at temperatures above 176 degrees F." Well dammit, there goes my climbing trip to… oh, I don’t know… the nearest active volcano?

They are light. And shiny. Stop; you had me at 2.2oz.

$18.95 at Mountain Gear


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