Black Diamond Neutrino carabiner

NeutrinoA neutrino is a very small subatomic particle, about the size of, say, the brain of Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh or any other corpulent propagandist.

It’s also Black Diamond’s lightest carabiner at 36 grams, unless you count their keychain models, and if you climb with those you are well on your way to earning a spotlight feature in Accidents in North American Mountaineering.

The asymmetric D design opens wide to take the worm, and the wire gate shaves weight and resists icing in alpine conditions. Also available as a quickdraw and at a slight discount as a "rackpack" of six ‘biners, pictured at left (logo hiding the blue one) in anodized colors that match the new Camalots.

$7.20 at


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