Black Diamond Keylock Mini Pearabiner

PearabinerI’m always on the lookout for small, shiny things to add to my rack, and the Black Diamond Keylock Mini Pearabiner fits the bill perfectly at only 2.4oz.

I’ve been using this ‘biner for more than a year, and it’s just the right size to use on your harness. I clip into the rope with it, use it for my belay/rappel device and keep a couple handy on my harness or pack straps for clipping anchors. I really don’t understand it when I see people toting these crew-served ginormous D’s around when something smaller like this will do.

If you haven’t switched to the keylock design for non-wiregates yet do yourself a favor and make the move. Smooth nose = no snagging = happy day.

$11.95 at REI


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