Black Diamond Blizzard holster

Blizzard_holsterThere’s only one fail-safe tactic for maintaining control over your tool, and that’s to secure it to your person at all times. That’s problematic when un-leashing to place protection, so what then?

Well, you can always take the French approach and do what looks cool; hook the pick behind your neck. Damn, now you’re styling! Look at yourself! Oops, shouldn’t have moved so fast, there goes your $300 investment, bouncing off the head of your belayer…

Or, you can just buy a sub-$10 Blizzard holster (or two) and make the transition as seamless as possible. This is not high-tech, just highly practical; fasten it around any harness 3" or narrower and you’re good to go. 1.2oz with a 2.5" flared hole to easily hold most tools.

$9.95 at REI


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