Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Gearflogger reviews the Black Diamond Storm headlamp

Are you ready for VD? It's gonna git you suckah, and it's less than three weeks away. What are you gonna do about it? Let us shed some light on the problem for you.

And by light we mean 160 lumens courtesy of the Black Diamond Storm headlamp, a great little lamp that does everything well. The main quad-power LED will shine down trail with enough illumination for speed freaks who are covering ground fast, and the dual white and dual red LEDs are great for slow pokes and general camp use.

There are a lot of lighting options on the Storm, and it's worth it to take some time to familiarize yourself with the controls. There's a big button on top like most models that does the normal on/off thing, and holding it activates a continuous dim feature that is pretty sweet. There's also a touch sensor on the side of the main housing that toggles between full power and dim settings as you tap it; takes a little practice, but once you've got it down it does make things quicker.

The red LEDs are nice for not waking up your partner(s) as you fumble around at night, and in the event you fall into water during said fumbling the Storm is waterproof: IPX7 which is 1m for 30 minutes. Powered by four AAA batteries you'll get between 36 and 200 hours of use, and a lock mode will keep it from suffering the dreaded premature illumination in your pack. We've saved the best feature for last: a battery status indicator on the side lets you know when it's time to swap out. Nothing says VD like a light for the light of your life (#soclever, see what we did there?).

$49.95 at REI




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