Black Diamond Spinner leash

GearFlogger reviews the Black Diamond Spinner leash Got leash? How about two? How about two with a GearFlogger-orange anodized swivel, one that will save your new ice tools that cost more than your first car – admittedly a PoS Pacer X - from falling into oblivion on pitch 42 of your new test piece, Scary Little Sphincter?

Black Diamond's Spinner double spring leash will do this for you. A mere 4 oz. girth-hitched to your belay loop, the Spinner has two 18 inch elastic webbings that stretch more than twice their original length and clip into the spike of your ice tools. In practice they stay pretty much out of the way, but you might want to run them inside your sternum strap to gather the slack.

The Spinner is a no-brainer for water ice, especially if you want to leash your leashless tools… wait… wha? Hmm. Anyway it both costs and weighs half as much as a pair of Androids. With a strength of 2 kN you could hang on it, but don't. Read this if you really have to be told why. If you're just looking for a safety tether for compatible alpine tools on Denali's West Rib or Cassin, the Spinner is a great choice there too.

$49.95 at Amazon 


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