Black Diamond Shadow pack

ShadowWho knows? Only the Shadow… OK, even my gray butt-hairs are too young to remember that particular serial. Speaking of gray, it’s the only color available for Black Diamond’s Shadow pack. Only they don’t call it gray: it’s Dolomite. Who is it exactly that is paying people to rename colors?

The Shadow (45L/2,746ci and 55L/3,356ci) appears to have been replaced lately, possibly by the Jackal, meaning you can find it for cheap. It’s still a great pack, well-designed for climbers to offer only the features you need when you need them. It’s a streamlined rocket at 3lb 10oz (3lb 12oz for the 55L), and can be stripped down by removing the waist belt, lid, frame sheet and bivy pad back panel to get down to 2lb 1oz (2lb 2oz).

Plenty of features to like, especially the PickPocket ice tool system, removable crampon straps and slots in the waist belt for BD Ice Clippers. The stationary buckle system takes a bit of getting used to: just trust it and ram it home. It’s a little difficult to get the top lid cinched tight, so if you’re cramming a rope under it be prepared for a little creative language as it moves around. My partner likes this pack enough to bring it up Rainier, but he had gear hanging off it everywhere. I call him Yard Sale; go for the bigger version.

$113.97 (on sale from $189.95) at




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