Black Diamond HotWire Quickdraw

GearFlogger reviews the Black Diamond HotWire quickdraw Have a climber infestation in your home? Just put out a bunch of bear traps and bait them with shiny things like the new hot-forged Black Diamond HotWire carabiner. Snap! It's just too pretty for us neanderthals to ignore.

The new HotWire is in our humble opinion the best BD draw for all-around climbing. It's got a Positron keylock solid gate biner on the bolt end for snag-free cleaning, a non-icing, non-lashing HotWire wire gate biner on the rope end. A generous basket will take even our fat German sausage fingers with a rope attached. The price is a buck or two more than the lower-end non-keylock QuickWire and non-wiregate Quicksilver models, but worth it when the going gets tough and the tough get tired.

The HotWire is light at 3.3oz with a 12cm by 10mm (!) Dynex dogbone that includes the rubber Straightjacket on the rope end to minimize the little bugger dancing around while you're going for that desperate clip. If the Dynex is not thin enough for you, we've heard rumors that 8mm and maybe even butt-flossier bones are on the way. The new HotWire biner has a slightly different angle on the nose to ease clipping, and is 20% lighter than the previous model thanks to BD's new first-in-the-industry in-house hot forging capability. Hot forging allows the funky fluting and minimalist design that make the HotWire draw our new BFF.

$15.95 at REI


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