Black Diamond Blizzard harness

Blizzard_harnessBlack Diamond is not afraid of Dairy Queen’s trademark lawyers, and to prove it they continue to pump out products named Blizzard, in this case a harness designed for ice climbing and technical alpine routes.

I’ve climbed this harness for a full season and I generally like it. It has a shaped molded waist belt that is quite comfortable during extended use, and unlike my partner it does not retain water. It has slots on the belt to take up to nine Ice Clipper screw carriers (one included), a copy of the Petzl Caritool, that make racking and access to screws a breeze. For mixed application there are four solid gear loops.

The bright orange belay loop is easily seen and checked by a partner, and only causes a problem when said partner regresses to apelike behavior and thinks the bright loop exhibits readiness to mate. Depending on how much you like your partner that may or may not be a problem. Overall, a nice system with the Ice Clippers if a bit overbuilt for fast and light alpine use.

Note about belay loops: yes you should use them to prevent triaxial loading of the carabiner. I’ve seen many people who should know better clipping through the waist belt because they "just don’t trust the belay loop." Get a clue.

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