Bjorn Daehlie Airnet Wool Base Layer

Gearflogger reviews Daehlie Airnet Wool base layersLife is a delicate balance. Good and evil. Rich and poor. Warmth and ventilation. The first two, you're on your own. The last we can help with by recommending Dahlie's new Airnet wool base layers. Spoiler: it's not a generic base layer for everyone, but the people who will like it will REALLY like it!

The warmth comes from the 100 percent Merino wool. The construction is clearly high quality, with good stitching and just the right amount of stretch for a form-fitting piece. The ventilation comes from two design choices. The first is standard, the material being very lightweight. The second is what makes the Airnet special: much of the construction is a fine mesh material, almost like fishnet stockings.

The combination of lightweight Merino and mesh means the Airnet simply excels at cold weather aerobic activity. Winter bikers and runners and Nordic and Randonee skiiers and anyone else who needs to start cold and finish hot will love the way the Airnet layers work. Beware that the mesh goes all the way up the back of the tights, so if you plan on lounging around in the Airnets after your workout you'll be giving everyone a major dose of crack. Which, depending on your audience, may or may not be a good thing.

If you're hard on your base layers, or just don't like taking the extra step of washing certain clothing items in a mesh garment bag to protect them from the evils of velcro and other things in the wash that might snag, you might be better off with a traditional non-mesh base layer. If, however, you value ventilation above all else for your hot-and-heavy high-output lifestyle, definitely check out the Airnet. Nothing will get you going faster and keep you warmer and drier while you slay your winter dragons.

Men's top $89.95 at Backcountry
Men's bottom $59.96 (on sale from $89.95) at Backcountry


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