Better Climbing Through Chemistry

ViagraI don’t make this stuff up: researchers have found that Viagra, the little blue pill that some men (not me or you, but some other men) use to increase blood flow down under also helps some men "compensate", if I may, for the effects of high altitude.

This is not the first study to show Viagra’s effect of improving performance at altitude. The new study notes that the subjects who showed the most improvement were the ones who otherwise performed the poorest at altitude. There were no effects for anyone at sea level.

So when you break out "big blue" in the tent in front of your climbing partner, he’ll know that you’re not having Brokeback Mountain flashbacks, but are merely "compensating" for shortcomings in other areas.

Story in the LA Times



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  1. iv been finking about taking a few blue pills with me when i go on holiday to ayia napa. are they any good??

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