Better Ice Scraper

Gearflogger reviews the better ice scraperSometimes it's the little things that say I Love You. Like providing your loved one with an effective means to being able to see while they're driving. With current winter conditions dominating the country, we've found a better way to do that.

The Better Ice Scraper is appropriately named. You'll still need a long handled brush scraper to get the snow off and scrape hard to reach places, but for clearing the critical area on the driver side windshield and the side windows, this is the ticket.

The Better Ice Scraper lets you bear down effectively with your body weight as you pull or push it with your palm. One side is a blade and the other a serrated edge, and just by moving it back and forth you get a solid double action scraping that will remove even the most stubborn bulletproof ice. There's still a lot of winter left, so equip yourself wisely!

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