Benchmade 915 Triage knife

GearFlogger reviews the Benchmade 915 Triage knife

Nothing says shiny like a new knife, and no matter what you're looking for Benchmade has you covered. Their new 915 Triage is a beautiful if expensive piece of kit that covers you in multiple safety scenarios.

The Triage is available with black or orange handles, straight or half-serrated 3.5 inch blade with bombproof Axis locking mechanism, and plain or coated blade. We love the combo edge on the sheepsfoot style blade for general all-around duty, the low carry reversible bayonet clip, and the ambidextrous thumb-stud opener.

The other functions on the knife are a safety cutter for cord, clothing or webbing (seat belts), and a carbide glass breaker on the butt end of the handle. All work as advertised, maximizing working efficiency while minimizing danger to a rescue victim of accidental cutting.

Materials are top grade, and craftsmanship is pure Benchmade, which is to say outstanding. Our 915 is permanently mounted to the grab bar on the driver's roof pillar in our car. No sense having one in your vehicle if it's not where you need it in a rollover. The 915 replaces our ERT-1 which doesn't have a blade. Our only complaint: at this price the Triage should come with a sturdy nylon case with Velcro closure, instead of the useless cloth bag that is included.

$140.25 at Amazon



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