Beko nose guard

BekoThe nose guard is an essential piece of kit, the more so on any form of water be it snow, ice or liquid. You don’t want your honker to look like W.C. Fields on a bender, after all.

The Beko nose guard is adequate. The velcro strip secures it to almost any pair of glasses, and by tucking it under the frame it stays put pretty well even in high-wind conditions. Buy it a size larger than recommended to ensure proper coverage.

I’m still waiting for the perfect nose guard, which would cover the bottom of the nose so you don’t end up with glacier-roasted nostrils after a day on the ice pack. Until then I guess I’ll just stick with duct tape. Get it? Stick? Gah, I’m killin’!

$5.95 at American Alpine Institute



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  1. thanks for posting the review of the beko… I am considering getting one for my glacier glasses and googles for an upcoming trip… I “measure” as a size medium, but wondering now if I should get a large… thanks again.

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