Ameribag Outdoors Healthy Back Bag

Gearflogger reviews the Ameribag Outdoors Healthy Back Bag

Sling bags deserve most of the credit for making purses acceptable to men. You can even buy tactical sling bags with MOLLE webbing, so everyone will know they're looking at a wannabe operator operating operationally. It will match the hipster beard look and complete the whole lumbersexual presentation. It will also get you shot first in an active shooter situation, but hey – the look!

If, on the other hand, you just want to take advantage of the practical nature of sling bags in a more understated manner, Ameribag has something for you. They make a truly comprehensive array of Healthy Back Bags, and new to the lineup is the Outdoors model. Although not designed to be expedition tough, the Outdoors bag has a pleasant low-key look to it that says, "hey man, I'm just here to help carry some things."

 There are four external pockets, including a cellphone sized one on the spine, and the main inside compartment has another seven (7!) pockets plus a key clip.  All pockets are easily accessible when you swing the bag in front of you. The interior is a bright silver, making ID'ing the contents easy, and it's just big enough to fit 8.5×11 material, tablets and small laptops. The zippers are nominally water resistant, and although the nylon construction will shed light precipitation it is definitely not waterproof. True to its heritage, the Outdoors bag carries nicely with a padded adjustable sling and multiple carrying configurations: front or back, high or low, they all work well.

The Outdoors bag definitely appeals to our inner Sheldon Cooper. For the price we'd like to see a bit more rugged construction with a higher level of weather resistance, and maybe some light padding along the bottom and outside corner, but overall the Outdoors bag is a great option for the inveterate itinerant, gym rats, mobile workers or anyone who likes to keep their stuff organized and accessible while on the move.

$80.00 at Ameribag


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