Airtrim mask

AirtrimSeems like you always see the same gear on big mountains. If you see something unusual it's probably a piece of crap. That won't stop the guy who's carrying it from going on about the virtues of his new homemade carabiner, but what can you do?

The Airtrim mask is not that gear. Airtrim masks are used extensively by cross-country skiers in cold weather to warm and humidify the air they breathe, which increases performance. Masks like this are also used for health reasons, because keeping your nose and throat humidified prevents all kinds of bad crap from taking hold.

The Airtrim mask is an ultralight 1oz foam mask that covers both mouth and nose and has interchangeable filters that offer different levels of airflow and heat/moisture recovery. We used the sports filter and the racing #1 filter on Denali, wearing it around camp and while sleeping. It definitely makes a noticeable difference in minimizing the dreaded BBS: bloody booger syndrome. We didn't use it while moving but probably should have. The filters will ice up, which you can clear by blowing through it, and condensation will build up on your skin and inside the mask but that just proves it's doing the job. Hard to find but worth it: highly recommended for extreme cold, dry climates. Nests well with a pair of goggles in your pack.

$54.00 at SkiWax


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