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GearFlogger reviews the Adidas Bailey women's board short

Summer means hitting the water, and a good pair of board shorts is mandatory. Adidas comes to the rescue with the women's Bailey and the men's Wahoo trunks.

The women's Bailey (pictured) is a sexy little microfiber number with a 4 inch inseam, long enough for modesty but short enough to minimize drag in the surf. The shoestring style tie is secure and quick, and the classic Adidas three-stripe styling is tres chic. The coin pocket is open to the world, however, so be careful when you stash your cash!

The men's Wahoo is a little beefier, with an elastic waist and mesh liner. It also includes the subtle three-stripe side seams and shoestring lacing. Both models wear well and dry quickly, so you can transition from beach to boardwalk without getting a hitch in your giddy-up.

$40.00 at Adidas




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