Acorn Tech Travel Moc II slippers

GearFlogger reviews the Acorn Tech Travel Moc II slippers

There's no place like home for the holidays. Except when there is, and you're trapped at the in-laws for a week where shoes aren't allowed indoors and the floor is as cold as their hearts.

The Acorn Tech Travel Moc II slippers (Really? They couldn't figure out a shorter name?) are a great last minute stocking stuffer for your stocking feet. They fold flat or even roll up, a thin memory foam midsole provides just a bit of padding for your dogs, and add a cozy bit of warmth. We've been abusing ours for more than a year and they're still our favorite go-to slipper.

The stretchy soft shell construction slips on and off easily and stands up to abuse. Just throw them in the washer to de-funk. The soles are a bit slippery so you can get your Risky Business floor-slide on, just be careful; safety third! They even come in a mesh travel bag, although they'll take up less room if you just throw them in your pack or suitcase.

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