Able Planet NC300B noise canceling headphones

GearFlogger reviews the Able Planet NC300B noise canceling headphones

The thing about a good adventure is it usually takes a long, uncomfortable, boring airplane ride to get to your starting point. You probably have a media player to manage the pain, but nothing is worse than booting up your favorite movie or tunes and barely being able to hear over the cabin noise.

Relax, Dr. A.P. to the rescue. Able Planet's NC300B noise canceling headphones are the perfect alternative to that ridiculously overpriced and still somehow ubiquitous other brand that shall remain unnamed. The reasonably priced NC300 unreasonably good performance, with around-the-ear comfort, good noise suppression and great audio quality.

If you've never used noise canceling headphones before, you're in for a treat. Just putting them on takes the edge off ambient noise. Flick on the power switch and the NC300 minimizes low frequency noise in particular. That's typical of all active noise canceling headphones, and it works well because it's the low freqs that cause most of the fatigue. You'll still hear a good portion of that screaming baby – nothing but ear plugs are going to help that – but engine, wind and road noise all fade far away. A gentle hiss – also common to active models – also becomes unnoticable once you start piping in sweet digital nectar to your ears.

Able Planet didn't stop with great electronics; the design is also very well thought out. A single AAA battery inserts directly into the ear cans, which fold flat to fit snugly inside the provided stiff zippered case, which still has room for a media player, cable, etc. The provided headphone cable can be left off if you just want the noise canceling, for example while reading, or if you want to head down the aisle for a little chit-chat with the flight attendant. Hey, a man can dream, can't he? Also included are two adapters, a quarter inch and a double prong. And here's the clincher: there's a volume control on the headphone cable, so if you're using a splitter to watch a movie with the SheFlogger you can each control your own volume. It's cheaper than counseling! Able Planet also makes a folding version, the NC200B, which is cheaper but it only gets a little bit more compact and sacrifices some audio quality. If you travel much, do yourself a favor and get the NC300B.

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