50 Things to Do with a Penknife, by Matt Collins

Gearflogger reviews 50 Things to do with a Penknife  by Matt CollinsYou have a penknife. You have some wood. You face the question mankind has pondered since time immemorial: what now? Luckily Matt Collins is here to help you through this existential dilemma with 50 Things to Do with a Penknife. We'd say this is more suitable for the younger crowd, but there are almost certainly some more mature floggers out there who are new to the whole penknife scene, and this is for them.

50TTDWAP, as the kids are calling it, has mostly small and easy projects like utensils, holders of various kinds, and the creation of various small and simple tools like fish hooks. There is a artsy chapter on Ornamental Carving, a chapter specifically on carving cork, and one that deasl with carving food – cucumber chain, anyone?

The last chapter is the most useful from an outdoorsy perspective, with topics such as grafting an apple tree and preparing a fish. Overall the projects are easy-breezy, perfect for kids and first-timers as a companion to their first penknife.

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